Artist In Residence

Het programma voor Artists In Residence is vanaf heden in handen van stichting Cultureland. Er wordt een combinatie geboden van een verblijf in Amsterdam en een verblijf op de Buitenwerkplaats.

Cultureland open call for applications

maandag 12 jun 2017

Cultureland provides new periods in 2017, open for application NOW!

Periods available
week 28 starts 10 July - 04 September 2017
week 32 starts 07 August - 02 October 2017
week 36 starts 04 September - 30 October 2017
week 40 starts 02 October - 27 November 2017
week 44 starts 30 October - 25 December 2017

Download the Application Cultureland

APPLY BEFORE Monday 12 JUNE 2017.

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open studio Sophia van Leeuwen

zondag 28 mei 2017

Sofia van Leeuwen is a visual artist from Northern California. During her residency at Cultureland, she explores the idea of "not-landscape" through the writings of Rosalind Krauss. Come see her work in progress and the plants that have been her source of color and inspiration for the past month.

Dates: Sunday, May 21st and 28th from 12 until 6 pm
at Buitenwerkplaats: Starnmeerdijk 6, 1488 AG, Starnmeer

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Ricardo Domeneck

donderdag 11 mei 2017

Zoopoetics: Approaching the Other & the SameOur current writer-in-residence Ricardo Domeneck will give a reading about his research on the concept of "Zoopoetics", and talk about his text on Dutch colonialism in Brazil from the perspective of... a capybara. He will also read texts by Brazilian authors such as Clarice Lispector, Hilda Hilst, João Guimarães Rosa and Carlos Drummond de Andrade, with Dutch translations. Free entry. The talk will be in English.  lees verder

Nomansland II: installatie Heleen Langkamp

zondag 9 apr 2017

'Wat gebeurt er als twee totaal verschillende tijdzones, ieder met zijn eigen specifieke sfeer en dynamiek, elkaar raken of ontmoeten en er een nieuwe dynamiek ontstaat?' Deze vraag stelt Heleen Langkamp centraal tijdens haar verblijf in Amsterdam en op de Buitenwerkplaats, waar ze op uitnodiging van Cultureland Artist In Residence is.Je kan het zelf komen ervaren! Zondagmiddag 9 april 16.00 tot 19.00 (vernissage) op de eerste verdieping van Admiraal de Ruijterweg 181, Amsterdam.  lees verder

Claudio Beorchia

zondag 19 mrt 2017

First Cultureland Project presented: Sunday 19 March
You are cordially invited to see and listen to the work of Claudio Beorchia:

i Guardiani del Polder, Frammenti di una mitologia affiorata

"During my time here in the polder I did an astonishing discovery: I found an old document written in an unknown ancient ideographic alphabet. In these last days I deciphered it. The document is short, just some lines for every character, written in some kind of poetry. It tells the legends of mythological figures that inhabit and protect the polder".

Admiraal de Ruyterweg 181 storefront, Amsterdam, at 16.00
Artist's Talk at 17.00
Free entrance R.S.V.P.

In the polder, reporting for the southern gods
"The project wants to be a reflection about the water landscape of polders, a landscape extremely different from the one from which I come. The reflection is developed through a fiction: I imagine to be a hypothetical reporter sent by the Southern gods to discover this territory created by man."

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Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
+31 75 641 17 74