First projects selected

Thanks everybody for the great response to the Cultureland program, hosting Artists In Residence in Amsterdam Buitenwerkplaats Amsterdam.  We received 24 applications coming from 17 different countries in Europe, America and Asia! At the end of January we will welcome the first Cultureland-guest.

Selected so far are:
Claudio Beorchia (Italy), Artist & Designer
Heleen Langkamp (Netherlands), Visual Artist
Bosko Gastager (Austria), Graphic Designer & Artist
Gaile Griciute (Lithuania), Composer, Sound Artist & Improviser

There are still periods available for applications. Mail us your project-proposal and a short cv / portfolio before Saturday 28 January 2017. Do not forget to include your name / address + contactinfo / date of birth / education and preferred period:

• 20 March 2017 week 12
• 17 April 2017 week 16

• 12 June 2017 Week 24
• 10 July 2017 week 28
• 07 August 2017 week 32

Please note that we favor those proposals that establish a relation with a local institution to present, preform or discuss the results of the project.

We expect the projects to contribute to these specific locations, the contrast (and links) between urban and rural landscape, culture and nature. We look forward to read your proposal. If you do not wish to contribute to this program and it themes, you may work at Buitenwerkplaats on your own project by renting our spaces: we offer weekend (fro-sun) at 120 euro or a projectweek (mo-sun) at 295 euro. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

We are talking with several partners about implementation of this program, but until summer 2017 we offer the spaces through an open call:

Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
+31 75 641 17 74