Alessandra Duarte

Artist Alessandra Duarte (lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil) will present a series of new work made during her 3 month residency at Buintenwerkplaats, in Starnmeer, Noord-Holland. The artist came to Buitenwerkplaats with the intention of exploring the natural elements of landscape in its state of transformation, from winter to spring, through paintings and drawings.

By encountering a completely man-built landscape, her project shifted from observing nature in seasonal transformation to experiencing the living contradictions of this landscape. In L'invention du paysage (Paris, PUF, 2000), French philosopher and theorist Anne Cauquelin states that the term and concept 'landscape' was invented around 1415 in Holland. The idea made its way to Italy, and with the Italian creation of the laws of perspective, forever transformed our perception of nature.

In this forced landscape, the artist found the wind, seen in the movement of the grass, to embody these contradictions. On one hand, Holland’s unruly winds seem to be the land’s only natural and dynamic element. On the other, its gales also turns the country’s windmills, acting powerful agents in the construction and maintenance of the terrain.


Experimentation with the wind led to a series of works that attempt to evoke an immaterial element through images and sound. Duarte will present a live musical/video performance entitled Grass Score: playing with the wind and an installation, Boat at Sea Level, which will be open for visitation.

About the artist:
Alessandra Duarte was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1984.  In 2007, she received her BA from Bard College, New York, with a double major in Studio Arts and Art History. Duarte works with landscapes with a particular interest in how humans have manipulated them. The contrast between an organized and an organic environment is a recurring theme in her works. Duarte also makes installations in natural landscapes, coating elements with pigment so the scenes resemble her painting. She has been living in São Paulo since 2009; in 2011 she had her first solo exhibition and has been exhibiting in Brazil and abroad since then.


 About the Landscape Laboratory:
Buitenwerkplaats is setting up a landscape laboratory; an open platform and international space to meet, to lodge and work at the theme of our landscape. A growing world population, shrinking rural regions, intensive and innovative food production, energy landscapes, rise of the sea-level, growing interest for cultural heritage and nature. All these exciting issues will influence the landscape surrounding us. We would like to stimulate the development and exchange of ideas and knowledge, by organizing and hosting projects and events in this field. Please contact  with your project-proposal.




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