Composer's Treat

Buitenwerkplaats is collaborating with the composer Aspasia Nasopoulou to invite composers to a (re)treat. The artist is offered a week at Buitenwerkplaats in splendid isolation.  A week to imagine, experiment and be away from the common. A week to be close to nature. A week that is completed with a public concert. Aspasia strongly believes in the power of experiment and new encounters, to stimulate artistic talent in a time that we need them, more than ever.

Artists are curious, artists are sceptics.
Artists are brave, artists don’t fail
Artist have a point of view
Artists pauze for thought
Will Gompertz

Do you know a composer who is in the need of a retreat like this, to get a boost in his or her artistic development? Would you like to contribute financially, or by helping out otherwise in organizing this program, please let us know!

Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
075 641 17 74

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