Composer's Treat

Buitenwerkplaats is collaborating with the composer Aspasia Nasopoulou to invite composers to a (re)treat. The artist is offered a week at Buitenwerkplaats in splendid isolation.  A week to imagine, experiment and be away from the common. A week to be close to nature. A week that is completed with a public concert. Aspasia strongly believes in the power of experiment and new encounters, to stimulate artistic talent in a time that we need them, more than ever.

Artists are curious, artists are sceptics.
Artists are brave, artists don’t fail
Artist have a point of view
Artists pauze for thought
Will Gompertz

Do you know a composer who is in the need of a retreat like this, to get a boost in his or her artistic development? Would you like to contribute financially, or by helping out otherwise in organizing this program, please let us know!

Anna Veismane

Monday 20 Feb 2017

Aspasia Nasopoulou invited the Latvian composer Anna Veismane for a composer’s treat. She will stay at Buitenwerkplaats from February 19 until February 25. Anna is a prolific and curious composer, who is active in Latvia as well as around Europe. She is involved in educational projects for young people, inspiring and promoting also young composers.

For this retreat Anna Veismane will collaborate with the Dutch harp player and singer Ekatarina Levental, composing a new piece for her! Ther will be a final gathering around this programm Saturday evening 25 February, in Amsterdam, please let us know when you want to join!

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Aspasia Nasopoulou

Thursday 1 Sep 2016

Aspasia Nasopoulou is a Greek composer living in Amsterdam since 2002. She is working on new musical pieces at Buitenwerkplaats quite regularly. In this quiet and remote environment it is easier for her to concentrate on the work, so composing in this setting is sometimes easier and faster then in her own studio.

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Maria Christina Krithara

Friday 10 Jun 2016

Retreat: Monday June 6 until Friday June 10.
Concert: Friday June 10 2016 19:00.

For the first edition of Composer's Treat, the Greek Composer Maria-Christina Krithara was invited to stay and work at Buitenwerkplaats. She is a pianist and composer who is for many years in the front line of the contemporary music scene in Greece making as well music for theater and documentaries.

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