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Almost 375 years ago, the water of the Starnmeer was pumped away by windmills and the lake became land. The Dutch tradition of taking control over nature in order to gain fertile agricultural lands feels very natural to its citizens. Today,  the people have forgotten about the dynamics of the land and take their safety for granted. But recent insights on the climate-change and the potential for flooding, taking 'dry feet' for granted. With the natural disasters ever increassingly reported on the news we might have to question our perceptions! Foreign perspectives allow for new and refreshing observations.

We invite you to write a proposal on the liaison of culture and nature, with the Starnmeerpolder as a starting point of your project. This could be approached from different disciplines such as architecture, visual arts, philosophy, design, music, ecology and the sciences, amongst others.


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arrival Amsterdam


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22 January 2018

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As part of the polders anniversary celebration, cultureland wishes to contribute to the program of local events and to the discussion of nature and culture amongst professionals internationally.

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