Cultureland strives for an earth where everybody finds beauty and consolation.   

Cultureland believes a good residency is a period in which there is time for research, reflection and refinement.

Cultureland is looking for projects about the relationship between culture and nature.

Therefore we offer a residency period in which you stay at an urban as well as a rural location,
- 2 weeks in Amsterdam
- 4 weeks at Buitenwerkplaats
- 2 weeks in Amsterdam

The residency starts in Amsterdam, visiting art-spaces, university and theater. In this period we will organize a kick-off meeting with you, to meet other professionals and start a conversation about the project.

After this introduction you withdraw for a period of 4 weeks at the rural site; the Buitenwerkplaats. It is surrounded by typical Dutch polder-landscape. This allows you to produce and reflect on your project.

The final period in Amsterdam is used for making a display of the project in our storefront. In the last weekend of the residency period an event is organised to present and discuss the work.
Cultureland invites you to experience both the rural site and the stay in the city. We believe the combination of the two sites will be productive.


Or perhaps you would like to invite a professional from abroad that has something to offer in your field, or who simply deserves an 'invitation to retreat'?

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