Benoît Pype and before

Benoît Pype

BWP 2012 AIR Benoit Pype

The traces other artists and designers left at Buitenwerkplaats are used by BenoîtPypefor a new project. Giving the tiny parts a pedestal as if they are themaselves an artwork changes all perspectives.



Clemens Wilhelm & Claudio Wichert

WW SOMETIME SOMETHING 01'Sometimesome thing'is a book in which bothClaudioWichertasClemensWilhelm create a page, every dayof their stayat Buitenwerkplaats.Theyrespond to eachothers previous work ofthe other:they change,add,commentthe idea,destroy ortake it toanother level.




Ed Scott & Alice McCabe

BWP 2011 AIR Ed and Allison


Anita Evenepoel

BWP 2011 AIR Anita Evenepoel

AnitaEvenepoelwas our Artist In Residence  from May until June 2011.The whole floor was cleared,to makea great workfor an event called "Kunst op Kamers". You can see herat work hereto create an"inflatable" ahugeballoon thatfits intothepitoutsideat FortSpijkerboor.
link: Anita Evenepoel

Grace Jean

BWP 2011 AIR Grace



Jon Muir

BWP 2011 AIR John Muir



Olavo Amado

BWP 1103 Olavo Amado 28

Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
075 641 17 74

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