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Maud Aarts and Dagobert Bergmans invite you Sunday 19 april 2015 to get acquainted with the people living and working in Starnmeer, an aggricultural area on a reclaimed lake. We 'll show you life here, as imaged with a team of artists and researchers. Everyone is welcome to come and see the results of our project.

from  12 : 00 portrait presentations

Dominique Panhuysen shows projections show photos she took during a year on the farm of Siem tube and his daughter Mieke. The photos are also published in a book.

Joke Koelemeijer presents the original pen drawings of farms and houses, recognizable and typical of the polder. Her calendars are for sale and you can also find a coloring table for the kids.

Visual artist Ida van der Lee will lead you around by a series of (almost) life size maps of farms,  drawn by its residents. You come into the stories about the sites, memories and anecdotes to which together form the portrait of these places.

Do you have any questions about the balance between home and work environment, ask Barbara! Work and organizational psychologist Barbara Bouwman will have a short conversation with you about these themes.

12 : 30 farmers family business

A conversation at the kitchen table organized by Vivian Evertse. The farm family business and a close combination .... but times are changing. Vivian has asked farmers Starnmeer to their personal experiences around the business succession and discusses its findings with Hans Marks (anthropologist), Nienke Wiersma (mediator) and Gladys Koenders (Women Now). Slide to listen and to talk to!

14 : 30 playbacktheater

A show for all participants and visitors. We invite everyone to tell the audience a memory or story about the polder. This is the spot in text, movement and music translated into theater. The actors Brad Borer Theatre Association are prepared for this ultimate form of improvisation by Wendela Kloosterman. Come and see!

16 : 00 after party



Dominique Panhuysen

Artist and photographer Dominique Panhuysen traveled one year with farmer Siem Buis and his daughter Mieke. She documented the details of peasant life. Against the background of the seasons she explained the family atmosphere and the work on the property, stuck in beautiful images.




Ida van der Lee

Visual artist Ida van der Lee grew up on a fruit farm in the Beemster and designs rituals.

She has three farming families from the Starnmeer already been told signing their farm land and a bit of the area. The drawings and stories bring the company identified and form a portrait. Indeed, farmers have ideally be a place-bound, unlike the modern urban citizen is becoming increasingly mobile and to whom it does not matter where he lives. The result of the session is a series of maps with the stories that go with them.
"You had to go through the house to the outside. I found it annoying at school that always smelled my clothes. "

"When my brother's farm had once taken over, I was no longer there. His young family had a right to privacy even though we ran the company together. "

"In one day we built the barn close mother could no longer protest the music that we made there."




Joke Koelemeijer

Joke made a study of the architecture in the Starnmeerpolder, the fysical places. In a classic drawing style she explained accurately the grounds and buildings. She drew the romantic scenery, the setting of the whole story.

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Vivian Evertse

Cultural anthropologist Vivian Evertse did her (university) research around the topic of succession within fifteen peasant families in the Star polder. Of her research focuses on the social, cultural and emotional aspects of the process. The business succession is indeed a crucial point in the life of the farmer. How does the future look like at a time when the family business fades, partners have increasingly appealed outside the yard and farms continue to expand? Vivian Evertse conducted interviews with the various family members to hear their views on the succession issues.
"In the pit, my children and I do agree about feelings. That does my husband not all
know, we have our secrets. "

"We have always encouraged our children to go to college ... but we did have done well?"

"When I took over the farm my father was everywhere, family ailment ... eventually I'll just pulled my own plan, as a buldozer I rolled over him."


Barbara Bouwman

Work and organizational psychologist Barbara Bouwman interviewed a number of residents about their careers and environment. All the residents have a strong relation with their surroundings, also the ones that are not farmers. Despite the great diversity of non-farmers occupations, secretary to an officer in the merchant navy, there was a common denominator. The rest of the polder is often contrasted with past experiences or the daily experience in the workplace, in a busy, more urban environment. All think hard without being able, bringing to life a good balance the peace and space. Even though the travel times to and from work sometimes significantly, none of them thinks to leave.
"I work in Amsterdam but should not think that I should miss when getting fresh air, some fresh grass."

"Being mobile, having a car is important here."

"I was born in Amsterdam, but I could not return there, for sure."

"During my travels at sea, I learned that life in the world around us is not as good as it is here; you are free in the Netherlands."

"We both work at home and feel very lucky we can enjoy the beauty of this place all days!"


This project was initiated by Buitenwerkplaats in the framework of the Landscape Laboratory. We thank everyone who contributed to and has made the inhabitants of the Star polder in particular.

The event was realized with financial support from the municipality, the Graft Ripe, a grant under the municipal reorganization "Together contributions" and a donation from the Rotary Club Purmerend Polderland.

Starnmeerdijk 6
1488 AG Starnmeer
075 641 17 74

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