Some activities at Buitenwerkplaats are open to anyone to participate.Topics that range fromdesign&construction, creativity,  permaculture,tocooking togetherandeating. If youwould like to organizesomething too,please let usknow at .

Topographic studies in shades of green

Thursday 31 Aug 2017

The project is a series of mixed media work on paper, inspired by the unique geometric forms of the polder landscape. The three-dimensional bodies installed throughout space serve as a base. Drawings, paintings and thread together with colour, form and texture show a unique play between abstract and figurative forms. The whole portrays a re-imagined ecosystem that makes a connection with imaginary flora based on the nature found in the Netherlands region.


You are cordually invited on Thursday 31 August to admire the work of Vero Glezqui. The artist will talk about her work around six o'clock.

Locatie: Storefront 181, Admiraal de Ruijterweg 181, 1056 GD Amsterdam

Date: Thursday 31 augustus from 17:00 till 20:00

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Who would have guessed an avocado pit provides a shade of pink?

Thursday 3 Aug 2017

Sofia van Leeuwen (b. 1981) presents new paintings inspired by the plants and pigments of the Dutch landscape, including those found on the kitchen table. Join her in a conversation about contemporary painting and lasting color. She will share her research and ideas about plant-based color found in the past and present-day Netherlands.


Van Leeuwen is a Cultureland AiR (Artist-in-Residence), a program inviting artists to develop work around the themes of nature and culture.

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Studies on the essence of time

Saturday 1 Jul 2017

The Austrian based artists Bosko Gastager and Kata Hinterlechner combine the qualities of art and design to develop site specific projects beyond poetic fiction and empiric fact, dealing with the relationship between human and nature.

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Try-out “Ven Salta”, Wednesday 24th May at 20:00

Wednesday 24 May 2017

In Ven Salta seven contemporary female poets from Lebanon, Syria, Spain and Greece gave inspiration to a new series of 11 pieces for female voice and small ensemble. Besides the differences in religion, language and tradition, the Mediterranean area is a very alive and dynamic region with many cultural similarities. These are strongly represented in the works of all these female poets. In Ven Salta we work with these similarities and differences musically by contrasting and blending them into a very colorful canvas of music.

Composition Aspasia Nasopoulou (Greece / Netherlands)

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open studio Sophia van Leeuwen

Sunday 28 May 2017

Sofia van Leeuwen is a visual artist from Northern California. During her residency at Cultureland, she explores the idea of "not-landscape" through the writings of Rosalind Krauss. Come see her work in progress and the plants that have been her source of color and inspiration for the past month.

Dates: Sunday, May 21st and 28th from 12 until 6 pm
at Buitenwerkplaats: Starnmeerdijk 6, 1488 AG, Starnmeer

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Starnmeerdijk 6
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